Whitney Anne Fliss (aka Miss Whiskey "Troublepants" Bliss) hails from the mountainous and rainy Seattle (USA), boasting a nearly life-long involvement in dance, theatre, and music. Whitney Anne identifies as a musician, singer, composer, street performer & cabaret artist. She attended the Cornish College of the Arts for musical theatre in 2005, studied dance and theatre at the University of Washington (Seattle) between 2005-2009, and composes songs on the piano, accordion and ukulele. 

Between 2011 and 2016, she toured Europe, Australia and the USA with her accordion, playing on city streets of 13 countries and in music festivals including Fusion Festival (DE), Busker Bus (PL), Buskers Pirata (IT), Adelaide Fringe Festival (AUS) and Rainbow Serpent Festival (AUS), performing solo and in collaboration. 

Having found a love worth calming-down for, in 2017 she planted her roots in Limousin, France where continues to pursue music and performance with 3 music projects: Whiskey Paradis, Honey Honey & Slowfest Orchestra. 

Writing and interpreting songs in the styles of folk, blues, soul, and vintage rock, this pint-sized power-house brings every fiber of her being to her music, reflecting her lifelong dedicated search of truth, beauty, freedom, and love.